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10% popusta na iznajmljivanje vozila online!

UniRent Vam nudi 10% popusta za grupe 0, A i B za online iznajmljivanje!

Takođe, Unirent Vam nudi 15% popusta za Grupe C, D, E, F i G

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Novo u ponudi Audi A1

Od 23.12.2013. novo u ponudi audi A1 sa 3 vrata.


Uskoro u ponudi Toyota Yaris 1.33

Od 20.04.2014. novo vozilo u našem voznom parku Toyota Yaris 1.33.



Uskoro Opel Insignia 2.0 TDI, Škoda Rapid 1.2/1.4!

Opel Insignia   Uskoro u našem voznom parku Opel Insignia 2.0 TDI, Škoda Rapid 1.2/1.4!


Besplatne gume

Zimske gume besplatnoU zimskom periodu vam nudimo sve 4 zimske gume i lance za sneg gratis!



UniRent Rent a Car Belgrade

UniRent Rent a Car from Belgrade, Serbia, is located at Belgrade's Airport and offers you high quality rent a car service in Belgrade. Our experienced staff will find the best deal for you from our car rental offer anytime you land at Belgrade's Airport or book it online in advance. Our office is situated next to the International Flights arrival.

If your landing time is out of working hours (07-23h every day), please contact us before you arrive and ask how you can rent a car from UniRent Rent a Car out of working hours.

Visit our website at and book your car online. During online reservation, after choosing type of a car you want to rent, specify the time of arrival and we will contact you to confirm your booking.

It is important to know that all our cars are parked close to the airport and when you rent a car from us, your journey starts from the moment you land at Belgrade's Airport.

In our car fleet you can find a car which will fit all your needs. If you are coming to Belgrade only and need a small city car, we would recommend you to rent a car from our Economy or Class A car group and enjoy your trip.

For more fun and long distance journeys you can rent a car from higher class car groups we have in our fleet. All of them you can check and book online.

If you are travelling with a group of people, you might be interested in renting a van like Opel Vivaro 7+1 or Renault Traffic 8+1 at the very affordable prices.

When you are using our service, there are no hidden fees. All our vehicles are less then 2 years old and have all additional equipment you need. With all cars rented from UniRent Rent a Car you are allowed to travel abroad and if necessary we can provide you GPS for the car you rent.

UniRent Rent a Car Club Card

After you finish your journey and return a car you rented, on your request we will be happy to introduce you our UniRent Rent a Car Club Card which will provide you additional discounts for all future car rentals from our company. For more informations about our Club Card, please contact us or ask our personel for more details how to get the card and additional discounts when renting a car from UniRent.

We are here to make your journey pleasant and safe.

We hope that your satisfaction with our service will be one more reason to visit Serbia again.

UniRent Club - Mi nagrađujemo vaše poverenje

UniRent Rent a Car Club CardUzmite više za svoj novac! Pravo da se postane član kluba stiče se automatski nakon prvog iznajmljivanja vozila. Odmah nakon završenog prvog angažmana, stiče se pravo na dobijanje kartice „UniRent Club" kojom su predviđene razne pogodnosti i popusti:

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